The Non-Conformity Chronicles The Non-Conformity Chronicles
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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

      Science fiction is a way of exploring potential futures and alternative versions of reallity. Science fiction gives us a means of reflecting upon the potential implications and consequences of the ways we use and misuse science, technology and our environment. Science fiction also gives us a medium in which to examine our human values and the manner that we treat each other. The Future Technology page links to additional pages on specific aspects of technology and science that will impact our future, both short and long term. The Human Paradigm page provides additional information on evolutionary aspects of human development.

      "Absolute Conformity to any arbitrary belief system creates defined limitations from which the conforming individual can not escape. Non-conformity is necessary for creativity, innovation, scientific advancement, social advancement and the evolution of life. A conformist is a slave, without an original thought or a functional free will. Conformity is Death. Non-conformity is Life." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

The Accounting - Book I of The Non-Conformity Chronicles - By John W Hill

What are the practical and moral boundaries on genetic alteration of people and the other life forms in our environment? What are the practical, phylosophical and political implications of widespread advanced paranormal abilities in a human population. What are the potentials, limitations and potential problems with artificial intelligence and Sentience in super computer based intelligence? If you haven't given this much thought, you will after you have read this riveting story.

      This website provides the backstory and supporting information for the Science Fiction novel series The Non-Conformity Chronicles.

      Please read the sections on Future Technology and The Human Paradigm for more background.

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